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Budcoin - The new BNB Budcoin

BNB/BSC Budcoin Pre-sale at dxsale.app and special launch and Burn.Events coming soon!

Burn.Events and Bud Parties are coming soon!  Spread the word and the Bud Family is going to the moon together.

The New BNB/BSC Budcoin has a special 'safemoon' type reflection of 4% back to Budcoin Holders, along with 4% to the Bud pool and 2% to Burn.Events Charity Promo Bud Parties, per transaction!

So the more we smoke, the more we get back, and the more the overall pool shrinks!

More Budcoin Burn.Events Info and News and Website Updates - Coming Soon!

Official Budcoin Token Contract: 0x793c1ee5a7279d27350c45f7a9c86ae680827504

The New BNB Budcoin Token 2021  Budcoin.Finance

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The New BudCoin Token - is the new bnb Budcoin crypto token and grass roots movement!

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